Why New York?




Now you start planning to make your dream of study and work in the US come true. Choosing in which state you will study is one of the most important factors since Acupuncture law and reguraltion vary in each states. We suggest New York as being the center of the world which has very interesting and unique market. Of course it is important that you really love the city where you will live. 


Here are the reasons why we recommend New York capus of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for your education. 





The heart of the world, life in NYC is simply exciting

You can meet interesting people from all over the world

Trendy city of art, food, fashion as well as healing and health…stressed New Yorkers who enjoy Yoga might be open to Oriental Medicine and be your potential clients (?!)

No car needed. Subway trains take you wherever you need to go.

College owned acupuncture clinic on campus is the bisuiest clinic in East Coast in the US, where you can do internship during the program. 

International communities are very active and supportive. 

Average income of the most successful acupuncturists in NY is $80-100K

More opportunities for visa sponsorship and employment may be open to international students since NY has bigger international communities than other states. 

Of course, it is not that there're always good things about NY. Living expense, rent fee, tuition in NY are more expensive than other states. And living in this busy, fast pased, competitive city could be stressful. And weather in NY ....spring and summer are short, winter is long and cold. 


However, NY is a very special place as being a center of the world of culture, art, economy where people from all over the world come to make their dreams come true. Everyday you have to compete with them. But the beauty of NY is that it can reward those who never give up and don't back down from the challenge. NY loves a winner and someone who got their the hard way. NY can reward that type of person in ways most places cannot.