Yuko Iwatsu

Graduated (August 2014)


①Career in my home country: After graduating from a Japanese university, I worked in manufacturing and consulting companies.
②What brought me to NY: I was interested in getting involved in development in developing countries in the future so I entered Columbia University to get a master degree of International Affair.
③What I do now in NY: Employee in a financial company. NY licensed acupuncturist and herbalist.
④Thing I like about NY: The culture where you can make anything happen as far as you are dedicated with passion to it.
Thing I dislike about Ny: People here have so much stress because of the extreamly high competitive world.
⑤Difficulties: None. I rarely feel I have much difficulties.
⑥The memorable experience: While working full time in the financial industry, I learned acupuncture and herboligy at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. I met so many wonderful people. This is one of the most memorable experiences in my life.
⑦Future plan: I've just opened my acupuncture clinic ”Yuko Acupuncture" in Upper West area, Manhattan in 2015.
http://www.yukoacupuncture.com/  I am willing to heal as many people as possible who need acupuncture treatment.

Atsuko Ishibashi

Student since 2013


① Carreer in my home country: I became a model after I graduated from college in Japan.  I did not work for a company as majority of Japanese graduates do. But later it got very hard for me to survive as a model so I started working in Nomura Holdings - one of the largest financial companies in Japan.
② What brought me to Ny: It just happend to be good timing for me! I used to wish to study in the US in the future...and I did it in late 30's because I did not want to regret missing out on something I knew I seriously wanted in my lfe.
③ What I do now in Ny: After I resigned from the company, I moved to NY to study English. I spent 4 years in ESL school and transfered to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine to study massage therapy. Currently I am taking a master degree course of oriental medicine and acupuncture in the same school.
④Thing I like about Ny: Freedom. People do not try to be nosy here because they mind their own business. Apt room is so warm in winter here.
Thing I dislike about Ny: Apt hunting in Manhattan.
⑤ Difficulty: Afer finding a nice apt, it was difficult to pass the lease application and get approval.
⑥ Memorable experience: Once I was sent to the emergency room at the hospital with possible carbon monoxide poisoning when I got a fire in my apt.....(it was not serious though.)
⑦ Future plan: After graduation from Pacific College, and passing the acupuncture license exam, I would like to have my own small acupuncutre clinic in Manhattan.



Kazumi Senda

Student since May 2015


①Career in my home country: After graduating highschool in Japan, I studied acupuncture at acupuncture school and got a license. I worked in an acupuncture clinic for 6 years in Kanagawa prefecture, and then I moved to NY.

②What brought me to NY: After 6 years working experience in the acupuncture clinic, I seriously thought about opening my own clinic in my home town...but I changed my mind. I had a dream of coming to NY to get NY state license of acupuncture. I made a huge life decision to make my dream come true.
③What I do now in NY: ESL student. I am now preparing to transfer to acupuncture college, which was my original purpose to move to NY.

④Thing I like about NY: The whole entire city is filled with energy which always gives me motivation to do my best and focus on what I really like.
Thing I dislike about NY: People here seem so cold and stressed out. It is a bit hard to keep our mind calm and peaceful. (I think that is because everybody in NY is surviving so hard.)
⑤Difficulties: Earlier when I arrived in NY, it was hard for me to understand English. Understanding and accepting another culture is not that easy yet cultural differences are interesting though. It's one of the difficulties I face in this melting pot where so many different nationalities are living together.
⑥Memorable experience: I was seriously about to give up life in NY and go back to Japan because I was having such a hard time making any progress in acupuncture school admission and license application process. This was because of the lack of info about acupuncture school. When I was 90% determied to go back to Japan, I got to know about Pacific College though my friend and luckily I met Ai-san there!! It seemed like fate to me to know her. Meeting her completely made me change my decision to go back to Japan. I feel now that it's possible for me to get NY license and start having a positive thought again for continuing my NY life.
⑦Future plan: Short term goal is entering to the acupuncture college to get a license and long term goal is after getting a license in the future o
pening my own clinic. I know it will be a long process. Once I make my dream come true, I would like to provide my acupuncture treatment to busy stressed out New Yorkers and give them time and space where they can feel released from the stress of NY life. I want to introduce the gentle Japanese style acupuncture to the community.