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Morita-sensei from MTP, Morita style Trigger Point Institute visited NY

Spark Solution LLC hosted two big workshops at Tristate College of Acupuncture (7/19/2016) and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (7/21/2016) with a lecturer Mr. Yoshiyuki Morita, founder of Morita style Trigger Point Institute.

Tristate teaches Trigger Point as one of main acupuncture techniques in its curricula, so so many students were eager to know what the difference is between regular TP and MTP.

Morita-sensei showed his techniques with students volunteering to be needled.

It was really interesting workshop and hopefully we hope we will have another one in the future.

Thank you so much, Morita-sensei.

#治療 #ライセンス #ニューヨーク #クリニック #鍼灸

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