Tuition and Schedule





Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine) 

$83000(3 years and 8 months)


Associate of Study in Occupation 

$32000(1 year and 8 months)


Bachelor of Science in Holisting Nursing 

$32000(1 year and 8 months)




Start date:


January, May, September





Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

(New York, San Diego, and Chicago)




Pacific College of Oriental Medicne (PCOM) is one of the largest acupuncture/oriental medicine colleges in the US. (Currently in the US there are about 60 ACOAM accrediated colleges.) 


PCOM has three campuses in different locations. San Diego as a main campus, New York and Chicago. 


New York campus has the largest number of students (approximately 550 students registered in 2015) and it has the larger international student bodies compared to other campuses. 



*Spark Solution will help your school application for not only New York campus but also San Diego and Chicago campuses.