②Study hard
①Enter the college
④Pass the exam
③Practice hard

Be Licensed and Open your clinic

⑤Find visa sponsor
Sponsor yourself by opening your own business
⑥Hire immigration attorney
⑦Open your clinic

Obtain Master degree of Acupuncture or Oriental Medicine in ACOAM accreditated college. 

If you have Japanese acupuncture license and sufficient work experience as an acupuncturisr, you may be eligible for NCCAOM exam without obtaining Master degree. 

After passing NCCAOM exam, apply for New York State Acupuncture license

After completion of the program, 1 year OPT period will be available whcih enables international students with I-20 to work legally in the US. After OPT, you will need to find visa sponsor for H1B or green card in order to work. 

The other way for visa sponsorship is that you open your own business and be a sponsor for yourself.  

It is not guranteed that all international students can get visa sponsorship and or emplyoment successfully.