Holistic Nursing Course


Required documentations for school application 


Associate of Study in Occupation


▪️To apply as a F1 US visa student


❶More than 60 college credits from your own country 

❷TOEFL socore (61/120 as total) 


❸Bank statement 


❹2 copies of recommendation letter (by no family member)

❺Personal statement (the reason why you want to study at PCOM, in letter size 2-3 pages)

❺Original transcript of the highest diploma (more than 60 college credit required)

❻Evaluation letter

❼School admission application form, I-20 application form

❽Application fee $100 and deposit $3000 

❾Vaccination verification 




▪️Green card or other visa holders


All documents excluding ❸❽

(Application fee$50、no deposit required)







School Admission & I-20 Application Support Service



Spark Solution will assist you with school admission & I-20 application for you, since the process is very complicated and time consuming. 



Also we provide information of English language school for your TOEFL prep before the school application.  


First, try our Free Skype Consultation (30 min) to see how much will your schooling and living cost in NY. 

(Appointment required for Skype)


 -Free (first 30 min)

 -Additional$50(per 30 min) 


 Skype: aimatsui   Line:  aimatsui.nyc   Email: info@sparksolutionnyc.com

 Telephone:  010-1-917-224-0414